Getting Started Guide

This guide is here to help you create a site using Branch CMS and covers creating templates, page content layouts, and setting up a blog app. The basic concepts that are explained in this guide can be applied to many aspects of creating a site using this software. 

This guide covers three major parts:

  • Step One: Site Structure
    • This section covers creating general templates and using the template editor, as well as an explanation of core tags and how they are used.
  • Step Two: Page Content Layouts
    • This section covers creation of Page Content Layouts, which includes creating new fields and formatting of the content layout for display on your site.
  • Step Three: Setting up the Blog app
    • This section covers a typical setup of the Blog app, which consists of creating posts and categories, as well as creating content templates, layouts, and managing multiple blog page settings within the app.

This is a visual representation of how this example will be structured:

Template Structure Visual