Comments in Branch Code

As of March 2017, Branch Code is deprecated and no longer developed. Use the Twig syntax instead.

Like any programing language it is good practice to put comments into your code. Doing so helps to make the code more readable. It can also remind you why you did what you did when you have to revisit the code months later.

Anywhere you use Branch Code you can now use comments. Here is the format.

{** Here is my comment **}

 * Here is a longer comment.
 * This style isn't required but is can make things more readable for
 * multi-line comments.

Comments have an opening and closing tag to indicate to the system that the content between the comment tags should be ignored.

The opening tag is


The closing tag is


Note that 2 asterisks (*) are required. A single asterisk will not be recognized as a comment.

Any thing that you put in between the opening and closing tags will be ignored by the compiler.