Adding Events

To add an event, click the Add Event button in the top right of the event list page.

Give the event a title by inserting text into the Event Title field.

The date for the event can be set two different ways:

- Choosing values from the Date drop down menus.

- Choose a date from the date picker.

Clicking on the date picker button will show a mini calendar. You can navigate through months and years by selecting a value from the drop down menus shown or by clicking the arrows on the left or right of the calendar. To choose a day, click one on the calendar. If you want to get back to today's date, click Today in the bottom left corner of the mini-calendar.

You can set a time for the event by inserting values into the Time fields under the Date fields. There are four different formats you can set for times.

  1. Starting & Ending Time (Default)
  2. Starting Time Only
  3. All-Day
  4. To Be Announced (TBA)

By default, Starting & Ending Time is selected. If you want to change the time format, choose an option from the format drop down menu.

Events can be set to repeat after a specific amount of time. By default, events don't repeat themselves. To set an event to repeat, choose an option from the Repeats menu.

Repeating events will use the same exact data given for the original event except for an updated date. Events can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

If you choose to have events repeat, different options will show based on which interval you chose to have your event repeat.

Choosing daily lets you set how frequently the event repeats by choosing a value from the drop down menu. For example, if you wanted an event to be posted every other day, you would choose Daily from the repeat menu and choose 2 days.

To repeat events weekly, choose Weekly from the repeats menu. After selecting weekly, you can choose how often the event is repeated by choosing a number from the drop down menu to the right of the repeats menu.

In addition, you can choose which days the event repeats itself on by clicking a checkbox under the drop down menus.

You can set a date for the events to stop repeating themselves by choosing a date under the checkboxes. Choosing a date here is the same process as choosing a date for the event itself.

If repeating monthly, the event can be set to repeat on the numerical date or the day of the week the event is set for. (For example, the 14th of every month, or the second tuesday of every month.)

If set to repeat yearly, you can set how frequently the year repeats by choosing an option from the select menu.

You can also specify when the repeating ends by choosing a date from the lower select menus or datepicker.


If you have categories, you can assign your events to them when you are adding them by clicking the categories tab on the left side of the window.

You can add an event to a category by clicking the checkbox to the left of the category name. Events can belong to multiple categories.

Event Registration Settings

Sites running Branch Plus or Branch Pro also have the ability to have users register for events posted in the calendar.

After the registration form has been created, the event can be set to accept registrations by clicking on the Event Registration tab. For more information how to create a registration form, view the documentation.

Choose Yes under Does this event accept registrations?

You can pick which form to use by selecting an option under the Form select menu.

Event registrations can also have a fee for the registrants. Fees can be enabled by selecting Yes - there is a fee under Registration Fee. Selecting yes will show more options.

The default method of payment is by credit card, and is automatically included in the registration form for events that have a fee. There is also an option to pay later. This option can be enabled for the user by checking the box next to Pay Later under Payment Methods.

To add a fee to the event, give the fee a label and a price in the fields under Payment methods.

The fee can be set to be applied at all times for the event or it can have specific dates. By default, the fee will apply for all times. To change it to a specific date, select The fee is only available through certain dates from the Fee Dates menu.

Selecting this option will bring up the Fee Start Date and Fee End Date fields.

Specify a start date and end date for the fee by choosing values from the select menus.

If you want to add multiple fees to the event registration, click Add Another Fee under the Registration Fee section.

Registrations can be set to close after a certain number of people have registered for an event. To enable this, choose the Yes option under Close registration after a certain number of registrants.

Enter a number for the maximum number of registrants in the field provided.

If you want the event's registration to be disabled after a certain date, select the Yes option under Close registration after a certain date?

Fields to select the date will appear. Select values from the fields to set the date and time.

Alternatively, you can set the date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the date menus and choose a day from there.

After you are finished creating the event, click Save Event at the top of the New Event window to save the event and go back to the event listing, or click Save & Continue Ediing* to continue making changes to the event.