Snippets are a very helpful and easy to use feature of the software. For any given page, a large body of content can be replaced within any content block or template by just a small "snippet" of code. One use could be to replace large chunks of content that appear across numerous templates with a Snippet tag to cut down on a considerable amount of code.

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You can find the Snippet page under Site Manager from the My Apps menu button, or if already within the Site Manager Module, select Snippet from the top navigation. A list of created Snippets are listed to edit, or create a new one with the Add a New Snippet button in the top right of the screen.

On the New Snippet screen, you can assign a Snippet name, and a unique tag will be automatically created (it will take on the form of  "ap_snippet:your-snippet-name" enclosed in curly brackets). Below this, simply insert the content or code that you wish to contain within the Snippet Tag into the text block. For your convenience, a list of established Core Tags are listed on the right-hand side of the screen for easy reference.

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After saving the new Snippet, it can be inserted into your page or template for use on the corresponding page.