Editing Content Templates

To edit a content template for an app in your site, click Content Templates under the chosen app in the My Apps menu.

Note: the process for editing content templates across apps follows the same process. This page will use the blog app as an example.

At the Content Templates screen, click edit to the left of the content template name.

Editing the Content Template

A content template is used by inserting Branch Code, which allows you to pull in content from various apps. HTML can be used to format the output of the Branch code.

Each content template type has a certain set of Branch code that can be utilized with it, as well as a set of tags that are global and can be used in any content template. These tags can be seen by expanding the menus on the right side of the Edit Content Template screen.

Content is added to app pages by using the Branch code contained within these menus within your content template. To use the Branch code, simply copy and paste the code into the editor (or type it in if you want.)

To view more information and an example of setting up a content template, view step three of the Getting Started Guide.