List View Code Sample

Here is some example code to build a List View for the calendar. This is just an example and you have the flexibility to lay out the page to suit your own design.

Below is a screenshot of the layout that this code will build. 


Below is the HTML / Branch code that would go in the Template field for the List View content template. 

  <a href="{#previousDateUrl}">&lt;-</a>
    {#startDate} to {#endDate}
  <a href="{#nextDateUrl}">-&gt;</a>
<div class="content">
  {if #list.eventCount > 0}
    <table id="grid" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
        {loop items="#list.days" value="day"}
            <th colspan="2">{#day.dateTimestamp|date format="l, F d"}</th>
          {loop items="" value="event"}
              <td class="col1"> {#event.time.start} to {#event.time.end} </td>
            <td class="col2"> <a href="{#event.url}" class="iframe">{#event.title}</a> </td>
    <p>There are no events to display for this time period.</p>