Campaign Pages

Below is the list of pages that are available for the public website.

Campaigns are a little different than other apps in that the content of the campaigns are emailed to subscribers and that is the primary way of distributing their content. The purpose of the public pages is to serve as an archive for previously sent campaigns.

It is important to note that only campaigns sent after 3/12/2011 can be included in the archive as that is when the full archive capabilities was completed.

App Home Page

This is the main page for the campaign. You can display the following information:

  • A list of sent campaigns that have been set to be included in the archive.
  • First-level Archive Categories that either have at least one subcategory or have at least one campaign assigned to it.

If campaigns are displayed then the number to display on the App Home page can be set to a specific number. That number can be set on the App Home Page settings page. If a specific number is set then the other pages in the pagination series will be Campaign List pages.

Category List

The Category List pages can display the available Archive Categories. They can optionally be displayed in a series of paginated pages. The number of categories to display on each page is set in the Campaigns List settings page.

Category Detail

The Category Detail page is used to display a single Archive Category. In addition to the category information you can also display subcategories and any campaigns assigned to the category.

Campaign List

The Campaign List pages are used to display a list of campaigns. They are most commonly used when a limited number of campaigns are displayed on the App Home page and pagination needs to be used.

Campaign Detail

The Campaign Detail page is used to display information about a single campaign. You can also link to the web-version of the campaign from here.

Note that you can link to the web-version of a campaign from any page where campaign information is included.