General App Comments Rating Summary API

The General App Comments Rating Summary API provides a way to pull summary comment rating information for a single into a page.

Comment forms have the ability to have custom fields. One of those fields could be a rating field (typically styled as a star rating field). If a comment form has those types of fields than the averages of those fields can be displayed on other pages.

This API gets the averages for a single . It returns the following data:

  • Average value across all rating fields
  • Total number of submissions with ratings
  • An array of rating fields with their label, average value and total number of submissions that contain a value for that field.

Minimum Tag

{{'template-key') }}

Example Tags

Get the rating information for a specific app instance.

This is only necessary if there are multiple app instances.

{{'template-key').instanceKey('app-instance-key') }}

Tag Parameters

The key for the instance to get results in. If nothing is passed then the current instance will be used if this is called within the same app.

You can alternately use the short form "i" (lowercase I) instead of "instanceKey"

Type: String


Required if responseFormat is not 'data'. The template key of the template to use.

If this is not passed when it's required then nothing will be returned. In some cases, by not passing this parameter you will get just the raw data back.

You an alternately use the short form "t" instead of "template"

Type: String