BranchCMS Partner Program

Give the power of BranchCMS to your clients — and make money.


The BranchCMS partner program is for website developers, website designers or agencies. We provide the platform for your client's websites, you build the website, and we provide support to you.

The only requirement to become a partner is that your company is an existing company where designing and/or building websites is a primary activity.

Apply to the BranchCMS partner program.

Earn revenue

Earn 25% of the monthly charges for the BranchCMS platform and apps (excludes the Campaigns app, email accounts, and other non-BranchCMS charges)

How billing works

We prefer to bill you directly for any of your client websites.  You can then bill your clients the same amount or mark it up if desired.

We can also bill your client directly if desired.


We prefer to provide support directly to our partners and have our partners support their own customers. It helps you to maintain your customer relationship and it keeps your customers connected to you.

Support can be provided via email, chat through the BranchCMS administration or via phone.

With your permission, we can support your client's directly. For any requests that involve changes to the website, we would refer them back to you.

Free partner website

Once you have built at least two client websites on BranchCMS and those websites have been live for at least a month, then you are eligible for a free website for your business. This gives you an opportunity to further explore the power of BranchCMS and showcase that with your own website. 

Your partner account must maintain at least two active client websites in order to continue to receive the free website for your business. 

How you get paid

If you have earned at least $50 in revenue from the 25% revenue share then by the 10th of the following month we will make a payment to you. In order to be paid, you must maintain an active PayPal account. All partner payments are made through PayPal at most once a month.

Apply to the BranchCMS partner program.

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