Why BranchCMS

Reasons why BranchCMS is a smart choice for your website.

BranchCMS is a hosted website content management system designed for building and managing beautifully creative bespoke websites. BranchCMS is not a limited “website builder” and thus does not have any design restrictions. 

Our goals are to make it faster and easier to build and maintain unique websites. Whether you are a web-savvy business owner, an independent designer or part of an agency, BranchCMS gives you the functionality needed for your websites.

Everything is custom

No two sites are the same and neither should the CMS that powers your website. With BranchCMS you have full access to all aspects of your website.

Customize the content

Create the fields that you need for your unique content.

Custom content builder attributes

Content builder for creating unique pages

BranchCMS's built-in drag-and-drop content builder allows you to easily build unique pages. Create your own content builder elements to meet the needs of your website and business.

Content builder

Complete design freedom

Create and customize your own templates using the powerful Twig templating language.

Template code

Start with a solid design base with themes

Your team can develop your own themes to jumpstart your projects.

Whether they are boilerplate themes or a full design, BranchCMS themes enable you to start projects faster and with more consistency.

Or, simply go custom and do your own thing!

Plugins not needed

Unlike popular CMS's you don't need a bunch of plugins to simply get a functional website. 

BranchCMS has a number of specialized, fully integrated apps like a blog, calendar, gallery, member directory, store, email campaigns, real estate listings, and more. If you want to build an image slider there are a few built-in ways to do that including setting up a Collection Widget, Content Layout, or a custom Content Builder Element. Whatever your content needs are, chances are BranchCMS can handle it out-of-the-box.

As with everything else, you can fully customize all of the apps for your content and design needs.

SEO built-in

Powerful SEO functionality comes standard in BranchCMS. No external plugins necessary.

Support that'll surprise you

We pride ourselves on our support for individual customers and agencies alike. Everyone is important and we do our best to respond to all requests as soon as possible with helpful answers.

Our support team can be contacted via email, phone, or through the built-in chat widget in every site. We try to reply within an hour to most requests during normal working hours, but you'll often get a reply within a few minutes tops.

A reliable platform that grows with your business

As your business or your client's business grows so do the needs and demands of the website. The BranchCMS platform is designed and built to scale with you.


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