Site Settings

Here you can configure the settings for your website that are not app specific. 

General Settings

  • Site name
  • Default doctype
  • Favicon

Admin Theme

  • Change the color scheme for the administration

Admin Toolbar

  • Enable / disable the admin toolbar
  • Configure how links in the toolbar open

Breadcrumb Trail

  • Configure the site breadcrumb layout
  • Optionally create a custom breadcrumb template


  • Enable getting the location of the visitor based on their IP address


  • Default country and state/province
  • Timezone
  • Language / locale

Rich Text Editor

  • Toolbar settings
  • Enable / disable features
  • Create custom style classes
  • Include custom CSS in the editor


  • Password protect the entire public website
  • Turn on SSL for the public website / administration


  • Configure data to identify the website for search engines
  • Configure information sent to Google Knowledge Graph
  • Configure robots.txt file

Social Open Graph

  • Set social network links for Google Knowledge Graph
  • Configure open graph support & information