Search Functionality in branchCMS

branchCMS comes with a powerful search engine with ElasticSearch as it's backbone. You can utilize search a a full-site search or you can search within just one app and app instance.

Searching Within a Single App

You can do a full-site search or you can search independently within a single app and app instance.

There are two ways to limit searching to a single app. You can use the search app to do so or you can use the app's own search forms and result pages. Most apps have their own search forms and search result pages.

Some advantages of using an app's search form and result pages include:

  • If you have different layouts for a specific app then you can keep the searching within that same style as the search pages will fall under the app's URL.
  • You can be ensured that search results will be just for that app.
  • You can search within individual app item attributes.
  • You can sort results by app item attributes and use geo sorting.
  • You can use geo location filters to limit results within a certain distance from a point or within a specific geo area.