Within BranchCMS there are two types of sitemaps that you can work with.

  • sitemap.xml
  • Custom HTML sitemaps


BranchCMS will automatically generate the sitemap.xml file for you.  There is no need to manually create that file. By default all pages and app pages are included in the sitemap.xml file. You can, however, configure what gets included in the sitemap.

Configuring pages

There are two spots where you can configure the sitemap settings for Pages.

  1. For all pages you can go to Content -> Pages -> Page SEO -> Sitemap Settings.
    This lets you edit the sitemap settings for all pages at once.
  2. To edit the sitemap settings for an individual page first edit it under Content -> Pages. Then go to the "SEO / Marketing" tab. Scroll down to the "Sitemap" section.
    If you want to remove a page from the sitemap, then under the "SEO / Marketing" tab set the "Hide this page from search engines" field to "Yes".

Configuring apps

For each app you can configure which section of the app shows in the sitemap. To do so go to Apps -> (Your App) -> SEO -> Sitemap Settings

On that page you can set whether the app will be included in the sitemap and which specific sections of the app to include.

Custom HTML Sitemaps

If you want to build out a page on your website that shows a sitemap you can either do it manually, or you can use the Sitemap API.

You can also get just the regular pages (no app data) by using the Sitemap Pages API.