Email Logs

Whenever an admin notification email is set for a form or an autoresponder is sent, BranchCMS will log the sent email. This can be helpful to verify who an email was sent to and to confirm that an email was actually sent.

The following information is logged for each email:

  • The type (notification or autoresponder)
  • Date/time sent
  • Subject
  • Who the email was sent from (email address and name)
  • Who it was sent to (including BCC recipients)
  • The HTML version of the email sent
  • The plain text version of the email sent

To view the email logs go to My Apps -> Forms -> Email Log.

Depending on your version of BranchCMS, you might see “Forms & Surveys” instead of “Forms”.

You will first see the list of logged emails sent for all of the forms that your website has.

Note, this does not include app specific forms like blog comments or a store order form.


There are two filters that you can use to find the email logs that you want.

Filter by Type

By default you will see both admin notifications and autoresponder emails. You can filter to view just the notification emails or just the autoresponder emails.

Click All to view all types of emails.

Click Notifications to view all the Notification emails. 

Click Autoresponders to view all of the Autoresponders that have been sent to users.

Filter by Form

The Filter Form drop down allows you to choose which form you wish to view emails for. To choose the form, click on the drop down beside Filter Form.

You can combine the form filter with the email type filter.

View Individual Log Details

To view a logged email in more depth, click the date for the email.

This will bring you to the log detail page.

At the top, you can view the basic description of the email, the type, the subject, who the email was from, and to whom the email was sent.

Below that information you can see the rendered version of the HTML email that was sent in the Email tab.

The Plain Text Email tab allows you to view the plain text version of the email that was sent.

The Email HTML tab allows you to view the HTML source that was used in sending the email.