The Dashboard is the first screen that you will see once you have logged in. The dashboard serves as a springboard for any administrative duties allowing you quick access to the different areas of your site.

Dashboard Overview

In the list of Recently Updated Pages, you can click on the page name to go to the edit page screen to continue work on the page.

The Messages/Resources widget lists system updates and resources you can use to learn more about the software.

The Updates tab contains information about updates to the software, new documentation, features, and more. More tabs can be added to the Messages/Resources box by clicking the gear icon in the top right of the box.

Message Box Gear Button

To add a new tab, click Add a New Message Box Tab on the right side of the window.

Add New Tab Button 

Give your tab a name, a URL to load from, and click Save Message Box Tab. If you want to add another tab, click Save & Add Another and repeat the process.

Add New Tab Window

The Resources tab contains links that you can use to get more information about how to use the software, such as the software documentation, the Branch Blog, and video tutorials.

Resources Tab

Configure Dashboard Widgets

Dashboard widgets can be configured by clicking Configure dashboard widgets on the right side of the dashboard.

Configure Dashboard Widgets link

To edit a dashboard widget, click edit to the left of the widget name.

Edit Dashboard Widget

Here, you can change whether a widget is active or inactive, how wide it is, and how tall it is by selecting options from the dropdown menus. You can also give the widget a different name. When you are finished, click Save Widget.

Edit Dashboard Widget

You can return to the Dashboard page from anywhere in the administration by clicking on the Dashboard link in the top left of the screen.