Logged in User Variables

The user variables provide information about whether the visitor is logged in as a public user account, and if so, then data about that user.

There are two different types of users: admin users and public users (or customers). These variables only apply to public users.

At a minimum the following variables are available.

Variable Description

A boolean value holding whether the visitor is logged in as a public account user.


The URL that is configured to be the page where someone would log into the public website. This value can be changed in the public user settings.


The URL to log the user out.

User data

If the visitor is logged into a public account, then the _core.user array will also contain the data for that user. This data directly corresponds to the available attributes for public user accounts. All attribute values that you can use on the Account app pages for a logged-in user are also available here.

For example, you can get the user's name and email.

{{ _core.user.fullName }}
{{ _core.user.email }}
{{ _core.user.firstName }}
{{ _core.user.lastName }}
{{ _core.user.username }}