Domain DNS

When you're ready to go live with your website on BranchCMS you will need to point the DNS for your domain to our servers. Below are the values you should set.

In each of these examples, you would replace with your actual domain name.


  • Domain name (or domain): Your domain name is your website's name. It is is the address where people can access your website through the internet.
    Example: See Different Parts of a Domain Name for more information.
  • Apex domain: The base part of your domain name. The portion of The apex domain is also known as the root, bare, or naked domain.
  • Subdomain: A separate address located under a domain name, such as is also a subdomain.
  • Domain registrar: The company that you bought your domain name through. Examples include GoDaddy, Namecheap, or 
  • DNS: The system that translated a person-friendly domain name into an IP address that computers use.  In other words, it's the information that tells the internet where to go to access content or services for your domain name. DNS stands for Domain Name System.
  • DNS provider: The company that maintains the DNS for your domain through. It is often the same as your domain registrar, but it could be different.
  • Name server: The location where your DNS is managed.

WWW and Apex domain

BranchCMS requires that your website either uses www or another subdomain. Using just the apex domain for your website is not supported at this time. 

If you are using then you will want to set two DNS records.

  1. For the apex domain name.
    Set an A record for pointing to
  2. For the www subdomain
    Set a CNAME record for pointing to

If you cannot set a CNAME for then set an A record for pointing to

Subdomain only

If you are using a subdomain that is not www, such as, then you only need to set up one DNS record.

Create a CNAME record for your subdomain pointing to

For example, if your subdomain is, you would create a CNAME record for store pointing to