Account Form Submissions API

The Account Form Submissions API gets the form submissions that are associated with an individual account. When you setup a form you have the option of allowing Accounts to view their form submissions. If that is turned on then the logged in Account holder is associated with that form submission and you can retrieve those form submissions with this API.

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Minimum Tag

{{ _api.account.accountFormSubmissions.templateId('3') }}

Example Tags

Get submissions for a specific form

Specify the formId to limit submissions to a single form

{{ _api.account.accountFormSubmissions.templateId('3').formId('3') }}

Limit to the 5 most recent draft submissions

You can enable saving submissions as a draft for a single form. If that's turned on then you can get submissions that are in a draft status.

{{ _api.account.accountFormSubmissions.templateId('3').limit('5').submissionStatus('draft') }}

API Tag Parameters

accountId The ID of the account to get submissions for. Defaults to the current logged in account.

Type: Integer

Default Value: The ID of current logged in account

allowEditingSubmissions Whether or not to include the "edit submission" link.

Type: String

Accepted Values: yes, no, true or false

Default Value: yes

Example: allowEditingSubmissions('yes')
dateFormat The date format to use for the submission date.

Type: String

Default Value: l, F j, Y

field Array of form field names to filter results by. This will limit form submissions to those that have the specified value for that field.

Type: Array

formId The ID of the form to get submissions for. If not set then submissions for all forms that are associated with the account will be returned.

Type: Integer

getValues Whether or not to get the submitted field values for each submissions. Defaults to 'no' to be more efficient.

Type: String

Accepted Values: yes, no, true or false

Default Value: no

Example: getValues('yes')
limit The number of form submissions to get.

Type: Integer

Default Value: 50

offset Required

The pagination offset to get submissions for. If it's set at a value other than 0 then it will be multiplied by the limit value to get the starting record index.

Type: Integer
submissionStatus The submission status to limit submissions by. If not set then all submission statuses are retrieved.

Type: String

Accepted Values:
timeFormat Required

The time format for the submission time.

Type: String

Default Value: g:i a