Account Register Form API

The Account Register Form API gets the HTML for the account register form that can be embedded into a page.

You must specify the id of the Account Form to use. The first step would be to create a new Account Form where the form type is "Register". After it's created you will see the form id in the right-most column when viewing the list of Account Forms.

To ensure that the Register form is handled properly and not as a legacy form you need to edit the Register Page settings and choose a Register form as the default form.

Register Page Settings

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Minimum Tag

{{ _api.account.registerForm.templateId('1'.formId('3') }}

Example Tag

Get the login form

{{ _api.account.registerForm.templateId('1'.formId('3'). }}

API Tag Parameters

Required if responseFormat is not 'data'. The template key of the template to use.

If this is not passed when it's required then nothing will be returned. In some cases, by not passing this parameter you will get just the raw data back.

You an alternately use the short form "t" instead of "template"

Type: String


formId Required

The id of the Account Form to use

Type: Integer