Navigation Item API

The Navigation Item API lets you retrieve just a single Navigation Item.

A use case scenario might be if you wanted to load external links in a navigation menu in an iframe. You could change the link URL to go to a specific page that has the iframe on it. The URL would contain a query parameter like that passes through the navigation item id. You could use this API to retrieve the navigation item details and build the iframe code.

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Minimum Tag

{{'1'.templateId('1') }}

API Tag Parameters

itemId Required

The numeric id of the navigation item to retrieve.

Type: Integer

responseFormat The format to return the API call.

"template" is used to display the navigation item using a navigation template.

"data" is used to work with the navigation item in a content template. The navigation item is returned as an array.

Type: String

Accepted Values:
data or template

Default Value: template

templateId Required

The numeric id of the navigation template to use to display the navigation item.

If the responseFormat parameter is set to "data" then this parameter is not required

Type: Integer