Cache Support in branchCMS

Caching is heavily used in branchCMS to improve performance and to make websites faster. 

Data for building each page is cached in various places. The cache is appropriately cleared and updated when page content is updated. For example, if you add a new blog post then the data cache for lists of blog posts and categories are cleared so that the new post is included. 

Enabling, Disabling and Clearing the Site Cache

By default the cache for each website is turned on. To turn it off go to Site Settings -> Cache.

Settings navigation

You will be taken to the cache settings page.

Cache settings

Here you can do the following:

  • Enable or disable the cache site-wide
  • Set the default cache lifetime

The default cache lifetime is 72 hours. This means that each page or set of data that is cached will stay in the cache for 72 hours unless it's changed. You can increase or decrease the length of time content is in the cache.

You can also clear the entire site cache by clicking the "Clear the Site Cache" button on the right.

Managing the Cache

There are a few areas where you can manage how pages and content are cached.

Full page cache.

Managing the full page cache for individual pages.