Viewing Content Layout Details

To view a Content Layout's details, go to the content layouts window by clicking Content Layouts under the Pages section in the My Apps menu.

Click details to the left of the layout that you want to view details for to go to the details window.

The details window has two main tabs: Fields and Layout Details.


The Fields tab contains all the fields that can be used by content snippets and pages that are using your content layout.

View the documentation about attribute types for more information.

Layout Details


The General tab under the Layout Details tab contains all the information about the content layout settings and formatting, as well as linked files and inline CSS and Javascript.

These settings can be changed by editing the content layout. View the documentation on Editing Content Layouts for more information.

Pages Using this Layout

Within the Layout Details page is a tab on the left side titled Pages Using this Layout, where you can see a detailed list of all pages that utilize the content layout.