Store Empty Shopping Cart API

The Store Empty Cart provides a way to programatically empty the current customer's shopping cart. 

By default nothing is returned or outputted from the API call. If you set the "return" parameter to "true" then a boolean value will be returned depending on whether or not it was successful.

Minimum Tag

Example Tags

{ap_api:store:emptyCart return="true"}
Empties the current shopping cart for the custom and returns whether or not it was successful.

Tag Parameters

return Type: String
Description: Whether or not to return the results of trying to empty the shopping cart. The return value is boolean (true or false).
The only time that false will be returned is if the current customer does not have a cart. Even if the cart is currently empty true will be returned.
Accepted values: true, false, 1, 0, yes, no
Default Value: false
Example: return="true"