Events List Page

To view the events list page, click Events under Calendar in the My Apps menu.

This takes you to the events list page, where you can see basic information about the events posted for the date range seen at the top of the page.

The events list page shows a listing of upcoming events that you've created.

The date range shows events from the start date to the end date. The date range can be changed to span from a year, six months, three months, a month, two weeks, a week, and a day long.

To change the date range, click the left or right arrows to the left or right of the date range.

You can change the viewing options by choosing values from the drop down menus above the event list. You can choose to view events by category instead of the default date listing.

You can change the date range from a year to six months, three months, a month, week, or day.

You can also specify whether to show events with "real" dates. A real date is one that hasn't passed yet.