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Accounts API

Accounts API

Account templates

View the templates that can be set up for accounts.

Account Pages

There are 5 primary pages that are used with Accounts.

Log In

The Log In page is where the user will log into their account. They will be shown this page if you link directly to the Log In page or if you link to a page that is password protected but the user is not logged in yet.

The URL for this page is:

Log Out

The Log Out page isn't an actual page that gets displayed to the user. Rather it is a special URL that when accessed will log out the currently logged in account and return them to the log in page.

The URL is:

My Account

The My Account page is the primary landing page for the account once they've logged in. It can display information about the account and is usually used to link to other account pages, such as the Edit Account page.

The URL for this page is:

Edit Account

The Edit Account page is where the user can edit their account profile. It is only accessible if the account holder is logged in.

The URL for this page is:


The Register page allows a website visitor to create a new account profile.

The URL for this page is:

Not Allowed

This page is shown is the logged in account holder tries to access a page that they do not have access to.

The URL for this page is: