Trails App Settings

General Settings

  • Date / time format
  • Breadcrumb links
  • Pagination settings
  • Display orders
  • SEO defaults
  • Trail counts
  • Trail published status default
  • Trail contact settings
  • Enable account registration

Admin Table Columns

  • Configure which trail values show in the trails list, contacts, contact trails and alerts tables in the administration.


  • Enable comments on trails and basic comment settings

CSV Export Templates

  • Customize how trail information is exported

Diary Entries

  • Update the trail completion date when a trail diary is added or edited with the trail marked "complete"
  • Only update the completion date if the diary entry date is within the specified number of hours from the current completion date

Editing Trails by Public Accounts

  • Allow any account holder to edit any trail even if they did not originally create it
  • Send edit notifications to the trail contacts assigned to the individual trail

Email Notifications

  • Email notification template and settings for account badge notifications and account password reset notifications.

KML Files

  • Specify KML file format
  • Set KML upload path
  • Matching trail features to feature icons

Learn more


  • How to perform trail searches and content to include in trail search forms


Open Graph

  • Default media type for trails

Trail Comment Notifications

  • Send email notifications for new comments to trail contacts