The truncate filter shortens a string to a specified length.

{{ content|truncate(100) }}

If your content contains HTML you will want to use the truncate_html filter instead as the truncate filter may result in broken HTML.


The truncate filter has the following signature.

truncate(length, append)

Argument Description

The length to truncate the string to. 

This parameter is required.

To truncate a string to 100 characters you would do the following:

{{ content|truncate(100) }}

If the string is less than the number of characters specified then no truncation occurs.


The character to append to the end of the truncated string. 

By default the character is … "…". If a value is not passed then the default character is used.


{{ content|truncate(200, '>') }}


As with all filters, you can use the filter when assigning a value to another variable.

{% set shortContent = content|truncate(50) %}

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