Date Input Formats

These formats are used if you are supplying a date to a filter or function like the date_diff filter or time_ago filter.

If you are outputting a date using the the date filter or the variable then you'll want to use the standard date formats.


The simplest value to supply is a timestamp.

{{ 1608755722|date_diff }}

Most app items supply a updatedOnTimestamp value. You can use it like this:

{{ post.updatedOnTimestamp|time_ago }}

Time Formats

When you're specifying a date using date formats you can also specify the time. Or, if you only specify the time then the current date is used. For example:

{{ '10/20/2020 10:32 pm'|date_diff }}

12 hour notation

The space before the meridian in each format is optional.

Description Examples
Hour only, with meridian. "4 am", "06PM"
Hour and minutes with meridian. "4:30am", "10:15 PM", "08:00pm"
Hour, minutes and seconds with meridian. "05:32:23pm", "10:15:32 PM", "9:30:00 am"

24 hour notation

Description Examples
Hour and minutes "04:08", "19:32"
Hour, minutes, and seconds "4:30:40", "15:01:32"

Date Formats

The time will be set to midnight

Description Examples
American month and day (month/day) "4/12", "10/20"
American month, day, and year (month/day/year) "4/12/6", "4/12/15", "4/12/2005"
Four digit year, month, and day with slashes "2020/4/25", "2019/05/01"
Four digit year and month (GNU) "2016-5", "2016-05", "1979-11"
Year, month, and day with dashes "2008-10-20", "08-10-20", "8-10-20"
Day, month, and four digit year with dots or dashes "30-06-2018", "14.7.1942"
Day, textual month, and year "30-June 2009", "22DEC19"
Textual month and four digit year. The day is set to "1" "June 2009", "DEC2020", "dec2020"
Four digit year and textual month. The day is set to "1" "2019 November", "2019nov", "2019 nov", "2019NOV"
Textual month, day and year "July 1st, 2019", "July 1, 2019", "July.1.19"
Textual month and day. The year is set to the current year. "July 1st", "July 19", "May.9"
Day and textual month. The year is set to the current year. "1 July", "17 Apr", "9.May"
Month abbreviation, day, and year "May-09-92", "Apr-17-2020"
Year, month abbreviation, and day "79-Dec-22", "1992-may-02"
Textual month. The year and day are set to the current "May", "June", "Jul"

Date and Time

You can combine any of the date and time combinations above. It does not matter if the date or the time is first.

For example:

"2020/10/1 8:30pm" or "8:30pm 2020/10/1"

Relative formats

Format Description Examples
yesterday Midnight of yesterday or yesterday at a specific time "yesterday"
"yesterday 10:30"
"yesterday 8:32pm"
midnight Midnight today "midnight"
today Today with the time set to midnight "today"
now The current date and time "now"
noon Noon today or noon for the date "noon"
"June 15 noon"
"noon 10/20/2019"
tomorrow Tomorrow at midnight "tomorrow"
'back of' hour 15 minutes past the specified hour today or the specified date "back of 7pm"
"back of 14"
"June 15, 2019 back of 6am"
"back of 7 2020-01-24"
'front of' hour 15 minutes before the specified hour today or the specified date "front of 8pm"
"front of 15"
"June 1, 2001 front of 8"
"front of 10 2020-10-19"
first day of Sets the day to the first of the current month, or the specified month "first day of"
"first day of June"
"first day of June 2018"
"first day of 2018-10"
last day of Sets the last day of the current month, or the specified month "last day of"
"last day of May"
"last day of May 1999"
"last day of 2010-9"
ordinal dayname of Calculates the x-th weekday of the specified month. "first saturday of June"
"second sunday of July 1999"
ordinal dayname from now Calculates the x-th weekday from the current date "first sat"
"second sunday"
last dayname of month Calculates the last specified weekday of the specified month "last saturday of June"
"last Monday of December, 2019"
last dayname from now Calculates the previous specified weekday from the current date "last saturday"
"last wednesday"
"last wed"
# unit Sets relative time items where the value is a number "+5 weeks"
"12 day"
"-7 weekdays"
"-2 months"
ordinal unit Handles relative time items where the value is text "fifth day" (5 days from now)
"second month" (2 months from now)
ago Negates all of the previously found relative time items "2 days ago"
"8 days ago 14:00" (8 days ago at 14:00)
"2 months 5 days ago"
"2 months ago 5 days" (2 months ago + 5 days)
"8 weekdays ago"
dayname Moves to the next day of this name "Monday"
relative text 'week' Handles the special format of "weekday + last/this/next week" "Monday next week"
"Tuesday this week"
"Wed last week"