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View the Folder Sizes in the File Browser

in BranchCMS Upgrades
This morning we pushed out a small update that allows you to view how much disk space your website is using.  Go to Site Manager -> File Browser. When the page loads you can see the size of the site down in the bottom left. As you click or hover over any folder it's size will show in the bottom left as well.  If you delete any files in a folder click on the folder name to recalculate it's size.

Introducing Full Page Cache

in BranchCMS Upgrades
How fast your website loads has become more and more important lately. We recently pushed out a big feature that can dramatically speed up your website.  We've had support for caching different pieces of your website like navigation menus, but until now you couldn't cache the entire page.  Full page caching is now officially supported in branchCMS! What is Full Page Cache? "Full page cache"…

New Form Default Templates and Streamlined Add form

on November 1, 2014
A few weeks ago we pushed out an update that makes it a little easier to create new forms. Now when you create a new form a default template, admin notification email templates and autoresponder email templates are automatically created. This will help a lot if you don't feel comfortable with code as you won't have to worry about creating templates any more. You can just create your fields and…

We're Not Afraid of POODLE

in Maintenance & Outages
A few weeks ago some Google researchers published about a security bug within SSL. Their report describes an attack cutely called POODLE ("Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption"). Essentially the vulnerability lets an attacker circumvent SSL protections and intercept and possibly replace data.  The nice thing, though, is that this vulnerability is only in older versions of SSL, namely…

New Code Editor - Ace

on September 12, 2014
A few weeks ago we changed the code editor that we use in Branch CMS to the wonderful Ace editor.  This decision did not come lightly and we spent quite a bit of time evaluating different editors. The candidates came down to CodeMirror and Ace. We ultimately picked Ace because we were impressed by the default behaviors, it's customizability, performance and who is maintaining it (the guys behind…

New Design for the Admin Login Page

in BranchCMS Upgrades
We have been incrementally updating the admin user interface for Branch CMS and today we pushed out an entirely new look for the login screen. The "Reset your password" screen was also redesigned. The new login screen is a tiny preview of the new admin user interface design that we are working on.  Our old login screen layout was built years ago and was a bit image heavy. The new layout…

Powerful Tools in Branch CMS

in BranchCMS Upgrades
Feature Enhancements for Branch CMS are flowing at an ever-growing pace; our clients expect it, and our partners depend on it. Our focus is on staying applicable to unique needs while remaining intuitive for the end-user. At Aptuitiv we understand that we have found our own success by providing the tools for our clients and partners to succeed. I'd like to show you some of the new features we've…

User Activity and Site Trash

in BranchCMS Upgrades
'User Activity' and 'Site Trash' are new tools available in Branch CMS. They provide you with valuable insight into how the software is being used, and a few ways to restore content if it was mistakenly deleted. Sometimes things get complicated, but we're here to help keep it simple. User Activity To view User Activity in Branch CMS, go to My Apps -> Users (Admin) -> User Activity. You will see a…

What Does the Creative Commons License Mean? [Infographic]

in General
There are a number of different licenses out there for content that you can use for your website. A common one that you might see is Creative Commons. This license is commonly used for images and website designs.  Here are a few sources for finding images that fall under this license: Creative Commons search Photo Pin Flickr Below is a great infographic by Foter that explains how you can use…

Welcome back to the team Sid!

in General
We at Aptuitiv are dedicated to making Branch a great website content management system. To support that we have hired a new software developer, Sid Martin. Well, actually, Sid isn't a "new software developer". He studied Computer Science in college years ago and then worked with us for 3 years in a variety of roles, one of which was working on our software. Unfortunately he decided to branch out…
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