Maintenance & Outages

We're Not Afraid of POODLE

Eric Tompkins in Maintenance & Outages
A few weeks ago some Google researchers published about a security bug within SSL. Their report describes an attack cutely called POODLE ("Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption"). Essentially the vulnerability lets an attacker circumvent SSL protections and intercept and possibly replace data.  The nice thing, though, is that this vulnerability is only in older versions of SSL, namely…

Datacenter Migration is Complete!

Eric Tompkins in Maintenance & Outages
The migration from the Virginia datacenter to the Chicago datacenter is now complete. It took a bit longer than expected to move the 300+ websites, but it will be worth it.  Now we can get back to work on making Aptuitiv the best CMS out there.

Update on the Datacenter Migration

Eric Tompkins in Maintenance & Outages
I wanted to post an update on the data center migration.  We had two web servers and a database server that we were moving to an entirely new load balanced configuration. A few weeks ago we completely finished one of the web servers and turned that device off. We are more than half way through the last web server. We hope to turn that web server and the database server in the old data center off…

We're Moving to Chicago... Well, at Least Your Website Is... We're Moving Datacenters

Eric Tompkins in Maintenance & Outages
This is a very important update so please read carefully. What we are doing We are moving to a new datacenter within Rackspace's network. Our servers are currently located in their Virginia database. We're going to be moving to their Chicago datacenter. When we are doing it We will be doing the migration the beginning of February, 2013. We don't have exact dates yet, but it'll most likely be…

Server Updates, Cache and Search Issues

Eric Tompkins in Maintenance & Outages
As some of you may know we have been working on server upgrades to help improve performance and stability. This morning we moved to step 2 of 3 and implemented a Network File Server (NFS). The NFS will be used as a shared file server between each of the load balanced web servers (coming soon) so that files between servers can be kept in sync.  Everything went fine right up to the final step…
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