Fun With Loading Indicators

Eric Tompkins in BranchCMS Upgrades
We use loading indicator images and popups to show our users when something is happening within BranchCMS. They are good design patterns to use as they let you know that something is going on and it's ok to wait a few seconds. For example, we use them when saving pages or when loading a new page to edit.  We have been incrementally updating the UI across BranchCMS and decided that it was time to…

We Switched Our Icons From Fonts to SVG - and It's Better

Eric Tompkins in BranchCMS Upgrades
We use a lot of icons in BranchCMS to add more visual clues to the different actions that you can do.  For example, we use a "save" icon with the Save buttons. And there are a lot of icons with our tables that show lists of items like a list of blog posts.  We started out a long time ago using PNG and GIF images for the icons. Then a few years ago we switched to font icons. First we…

New Design for the Admin Login Page

Eric Tompkins in BranchCMS Upgrades
We have been incrementally updating the admin user interface for Branch CMS and today we pushed out an entirely new look for the login screen. The "Reset your password" screen was also redesigned. The new login screen is a tiny preview of the new admin user interface design that we are working on.  Our old login screen layout was built years ago and was a bit image heavy. The new layout…

Designing Retina-friendly Websites in Photoshop

in Design
The first Retina display was introduced by Apple in 2010 with the release of the iPhone 4. Apple defines a "Retina" display as one that has a pixel density so high – roughly 300 or more pixels per inch – that a person is unable to discern the individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. In addition to the iPhone 4's display having many improvements and benefits when compared to the iPhone…

Design Responsively

in Design
I'm sitting in an airport right now, waiting for a flight. Taking a quick glance around me, I see a handful of people doing who knows what on their tablets or smartphones. For all I know, they could be on your website. Whether the experience they're having is optimized for them is another story. Today people are reading, watching and buying on smaller devices and in more places than ever before…
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