Updated Chat and Support for BranchCMS

Eric Tompkins in BranchCMS Upgrades
One of our goals with BranchCMS is to make it as easy as possible to get help while you work on your website. There is always room for improvement but one area that has proven to help is chat. Last fall we implemented Drift as a chat client in BranchCMS. While Drift is great and we would recommend them, we were finding a disconnect between our chat support conversations and email…

Powerful Tools in Branch CMS

in BranchCMS Upgrades
Feature Enhancements for Branch CMS are flowing at an ever-growing pace; our clients expect it, and our partners depend on it. Our focus is on staying applicable to unique needs while remaining intuitive for the end-user. At Aptuitiv we understand that we have found our own success by providing the tools for our clients and partners to succeed. I'd like to show you some of the new features we've…

What Does the Creative Commons License Mean? [Infographic]

Eric Tompkins in General
There are a number of different licenses out there for content that you can use for your website. A common one that you might see is Creative Commons. This license is commonly used for images and website designs.  Here are a few sources for finding images that fall under this license: Creative Commons search Photo Pin Flickr Below is a great infographic by Foter that explains how you can use…

Welcome back to the team Sid!

Eric Tompkins in General
We at Aptuitiv are dedicated to making Branch a great website content management system. To support that we have hired a new software developer, Sid Martin. Well, actually, Sid isn't a "new software developer". He studied Computer Science in college years ago and then worked with us for 3 years in a variety of roles, one of which was working on our software. Unfortunately he decided to branch out…

Gmail Displays and Caches Images By Default - How This Affects Your Email Campaigns

Eric Tompkins in General
On December 12 Google announced that Gmail will be loading images by default in all new emails. That is great news as it improves user experience and causes emails that have images to look better by default. The way that they are doing it though, is causing a lot of Email Service Providers (ESP) some grief. "Instead of serving images directly from their original external host servers, Gmail will…

Branch CMS Hosting Change - No More PHP

Eric Tompkins in General
Here at Aptuitiv we are in the process of planning out a new server architecture for our hosted CMS that will be more secure, scalable and robust. Through this process we have identified an area that causes some security concerns. That area of concern is the fact that we allow custom PHP to be run on client's websites. It is common for a shared hosting provider to allow custom PHP to be run on a…

Welcome Matt!

Eric Tompkins in General
I want to welcome our newest employee, Matt Robitaille, to our team. Matt is a recent graduate of New England School of Communications. He did an internship with us over the winter and we were so impressed with his work that we had to have him on our team.  Matt is a skilled front-end developer and he'll be involved in building out a lot of our client's new websites.

Welcoming Stephen Gilbert to the Team

Eric Tompkins in General
I'm pleased to announce that we've added a new member to our team. Stephen Gilbert, a talented designer and front-end developer, will be starting with us this week. Stephen will be heavily involved in many of the upcoming new websites with our clients and partners.

Updated Add-On App Information

Eric Tompkins in General
We've been working on updating our website and recently updated the add-on apps that are listed on our site. Just recently we finished upgrading the last add-on app from version 2 to version 3 of Aptuitiv Studio. You can see the information for add-on apps here. The information presented is a high-level view of each app. We're working on adding more detailed information. As of right now we have 10…

We Now Have A New Demo Site

in General
Sliced Design has done us a big favor recently. They spent the time to create a new demo site for us. You can view the new website by going to   They were tasked with creating a design that showed off the functionality of Aptuitiv Studio as much as possible. I must say they did a great job.   Here are a couple screen shots that show how Sliced Design showcased some of the more…

New Servers Mean New Opportunities

Eric Tompkins in General
Over the last few months we have been working with Rackspace, who manages all of our servers, to setup some new servers for us.  These new servers provide us with increased capacity, increased performance and more control over the hosting environment.  Over the last few weeks we started moving some of our customers from the old environment to the new environment and we're already starting to see…
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