BranchCMS Upgrades

Jul 3, 2014

Powerful Tools in Branch CMS

Feature Enhancements for Branch CMS are flowing at an ever-growing pace; our clients expect it, and our partners depend on it. Our focus is on staying applicable to unique needs while remaining intuitive for the end-user. At Aptuitiv we understand that we have found our own success by providing the tools for our clients and partners to succeed. I'd like to show you some of the new features we've added to Branch.

"Are you sure?"

We've all done it, you delete something and realize the mistake just after clicking 'Yes'. Well now you can skip the panic attack and simply click 'Undo'. In the response bubble that shows how many items were deleted you will find this simple new addition to our software. You're welcome!

Of course there's the chance that you will go on to do other things before realizing your mistake, so what should you do when the 'Undo' link has already gone away? Don't worry we have your back on that too, you'll want to check out our article on Site Trash to learn more.

"What happened?"

Large websites often have many hands in the cookie jar, so when there is a problem, the prototypical blame game begins. Nobody enjoys a blame game, but it is certainly useful to know what went wrong and how it can be avoided in the future. We've added a User Activity log so you can easily find the who/what/where's that you're concerned with, and in many circumstances you may revert changes with a single click. Wow!

"We have unique needs."

That's great news, we have unique software! If your information needs structure or organization that doesn't fit the common models of 'chronological' or 'alphabetical' you can easily reorder the data however you wish. When adding/editing items you may specify where you would like them to go, and in most cases you can easily drag and drop items around within the list to get the ordering that you want. Simple!

We've covered just a few of the recent improvements we've made to Branch, two of them being utility features which have gone mostly unnoticed. Custom Ordering is one of the many features we support to provide flexibility. We see our software used in ways that we've never considered, yet made possible with the flexibility that we maintain.

We're very excited about some bigger surprises we have on the way, and if you have an idea for how we can help you please let us know!

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