BranchCMS Upgrades

Jul 3, 2014

User Activity and Site Trash

'User Activity' and 'Site Trash' are new tools available in Branch CMS. They provide you with valuable insight into how the software is being used, and a few ways to restore content if it was mistakenly deleted. Sometimes things get complicated, but we're here to help keep it simple.

User Activity

To view User Activity in Branch CMS, go to My Apps -> Users (Admin) -> User Activity. You will see a page similar to this:

A screenshot of the User Activity table in Branch CMS

When viewing User Activity you may adjust the filters. For example, if you're looking to see what's been Added you may filter by 'Activity: Add'.

You may also want to filter by User, App, and Date Range.

Large Screenshot of User Activity Filters in Branch CMS

Site Trash

To view Site Trash in Branch CMS, go to My Apps -> Site Manager -> Trash. You will see a page similar to this:

Screenshot of Site Trash in Branch CMS

When viewing Site Trash you may filter by User, App, and Date Range.

Screenshot of Trash Filters in Branch CMS

Restoring Items

There are already three ways to easily restore items after they have been deleted.

Any item in Site Trash can be restored by checking it off in the list and clicking the 'Restore' link.

Screenshot of Site Trash Restore Link and Checkboxes in Branch CMS

Any 'delete' activities in User Activity can be undone using the 'Restore' link for the record.

Screenshot of Restore Link in User Activity of Branch CMS

Any time you delete, the item or items can be restored by clicking the 'Undo' link provided in the response bubble.

Screenshot of Undo Link in Branch CMS

For Your Productivity and Peace of Mind

With these tools we hope managing websites becomes easier for you. Mistakes can be quickly fixed, and mysteries of what happened can be solved before they even become a mystery.

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