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What Does the Creative Commons License Mean? [Infographic]

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There are a number of different licenses out there for content that you can use for your website. A common one that you might see is Creative Commons. This license is commonly used for images and website designs.  Here are a few sources for finding images that fall under this license: Creative Commons search Photo Pin Flickr Below is a great infographic by Foter that explains how you can use…

Welcome back to the team Sid!

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We at Aptuitiv are dedicated to making Branch a great website content management system. To support that we have hired a new software developer, Sid Martin. Well, actually, Sid isn't a "new software developer". He studied Computer Science in college years ago and then worked with us for 3 years in a variety of roles, one of which was working on our software. Unfortunately he decided to branch out…

Gmail Displays and Caches Images By Default - How This Affects Your Email Campaigns

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On December 12 Google announced that Gmail will be loading images by default in all new emails. That is great news as it improves user experience and causes emails that have images to look better by default. The way that they are doing it though, is causing a lot of Email Service Providers (ESP) some grief. "Instead of serving images directly from their original external host servers, Gmail will…

New Reports in the Store

in BranchCMS Upgrades
Today we pushed out an update to the Store app that adds some initial reports about orders.  The main reports page shows a chart of the orders in the last 30 days. On the right are links to the other two reports.  The Orders report shows a chart of orders over a specific time period. You can easily adjust the date range by using the fields above the chart. The Products Ordered report will show…

Adding a New Local Development Site on Mac OSX

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Sometimes when you're working on a new site it can be easier to work on a local site rather then having to FTP files up to a server. If you're on a Mac then here is some basic instructions on how to setup a local website.  To help make it obvious that we're working on a local site we like to use ".dev" as the TLD. In this example we're going to be setting up a local site called…

New Admin Toolbar to Make Editing Pages Easier

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It is now easier then ever to edit a page on your website. Once you are logged into the CMS you can simply browse your website and then click a link in the new admin toolbar at the top of the page to edit that page.  We have packed a lot of information into the toolbar. For each applicable page there are links to edit the page, blog post, store product or whatever item you're viewing add a new…

Introducing the new Branch brand

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As some of you may know already we have been in the process of rebranding our software.  Well, it's official now. Aptuitiv Studio is now called Branch CMS. With that comes a new website and soon, a brand new user interface for the CMS.  There is a small change in the administration that you might notice right off. The Aptuitiv Studio logo in the bottom right has been replaced with the new Branch…

Designing Retina-friendly Websites in Photoshop

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The first Retina display was introduced by Apple in 2010 with the release of the iPhone 4. Apple defines a "Retina" display as one that has a pixel density so high – roughly 300 or more pixels per inch – that a person is unable to discern the individual pixels at a normal viewing distance. In addition to the iPhone 4's display having many improvements and benefits when compared to the iPhone…

Datacenter Migration is Complete!

in Maintenance & Outages
The migration from the Virginia datacenter to the Chicago datacenter is now complete. It took a bit longer than expected to move the 300+ websites, but it will be worth it.  Now we can get back to work on making Aptuitiv the best CMS out there.

New Capabilities w/ Branch Code - Variables & Variable Modifiers

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We recently pushed out some new functionality to our Aptuitiv Code code base. Below are some of those changes. 1. Support for debugging variables when using the table row tags. In the past debugging variables when using the {row}{/row} tags was problematic. We fixed it so that debugging the {#column} tag now works as expected. 2. Added the new {ap:request} tags Sometimes it's desired to send data…
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