BranchCMS Upgrades

Eric Tompkins
Mar 26, 2013

New Capabilities w/ Branch Code - Variables & Variable Modifiers

We recently pushed out some new functionality to our Aptuitiv Code code base. Below are some of those changes.

1. Support for debugging variables when using the table row tags.

In the past debugging variables when using the {row}{/row} tags was problematic. We fixed it so that debugging the {#column} tag now works as expected.

2. Added the new {ap:request} tags

Sometimes it's desired to send data to a 3rd party, particularly when submitting a form. Now it is possible to use the Custom Process Script for a form to send a form post to another URL on a different server. This could be used to send information to a CRM or another program that needs to process the form information. We setup documentation for the {ap:request} tag.

3. Added support for variables within a string when setting the value for another variable.

In the past if you wanted to set the value for a variable but part of that value comes from another variable you had to use a combination of the set and append variable modifiers mulitple times to put it all together. It was a pain.

Now you can do something like this:

{#variable|append value="Hi, my name is {#name}. How are you?"}

It seems like a simple thing, but it took a fair amount of reworking the code compiler to make that possible. It was all worth it, though, because the end result is much cleaner and concise code.

4. Support for comments within your code

Sometimes for complicated layouts it would be great to put in some comments to explain why you wrote what you did and how it's all supposed to work. Now you can comment your code to your hearts content.

5. Support for new variables modifiers to get state and country information

Sometimes you need to get the abbreviation for a state or country. Previously you would have to write a ton of if/else statements. Now you can do it in one line. Below are the different state and country variable modifiers that we added to make it easy to get state and country information.







We are constantly innovating, improving and expanding the Aptuitiv CMS framework. If you have any suggestions please send them to us at

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