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Tips on Building Websites With a Content Management System

in Developers
One question that we often get from new clients is where to start when building a new site. A while ago we created a Getting Started Guide that can help. However, in this post I'd like to discuss things a bit more generically and talk about strategies for building sites with any Content Management System (CMS). When a CMS is used to power a site is natural to assume that in a lot of cases the…

Paste as Plain Text Differences in TinyMCE 3.3

in BranchCMS Upgrades
Aptuitiv Studio uses TinyMCE as the rich text editor and we recently upgraded it from version 3.2.6 to 3.3.4. For the most part the upgrade was smooth and from an end user perspective the way the editor works stayed fairly consistent. There was however one thing that was significantly different and that is the Paste as Plain Text functionality. In older versions when you clicked on the Paste As…

Pass Custom Parameters to Use in API Content Templates

in BranchCMS Upgrades
The development of Aptuitiv Studio is mostly driven by the needs of our customers and recently a client had some special needs. We were working on a website for one of our partners and the section of the site we were working on was for staff profiles. We were using the Directory app for this one. The requirement that was giving some problems was that the design called for navigation that listed…

New API for Calendar to Display a Mini Grid Anywhere in Your Website

in BranchCMS Upgrades
We recently published a new API for the Calendar that enables you to display a mini calendar grid anywhere on your website. We already have an API to display upcoming events but there wasn't any way to display those events in a calendar grid format.  The new API call will display the current month and you can have links to the days of the month that have events.  Pretty much anything that you…

New Servers Mean New Opportunities

in General
Over the last few months we have been working with Rackspace, who manages all of our servers, to setup some new servers for us.  These new servers provide us with increased capacity, increased performance and more control over the hosting environment.  Over the last few weeks we started moving some of our customers from the old environment to the new environment and we're already starting to see…

New Tags Available in Content Templates

in BranchCMS Upgrades
We've recently added support for some new tags in app content templates. What are Content Templates? Content Templates are what gives Aptuitiv Studio the flexibility and power that is has.  It allows developers to create unique layouts for each aspect of a site.  Content Templates use our own AP Code to perform logic and create the output for each page.  There's a whole lot more to it, but…

Exporting Search Reports

in BranchCMS Upgrades
When you're viewing your search reports in the Aptuitiv Studio administration you can now export the Recent and Popular search reports as a CSV file.  Simply click on the "Export" link in the upper right.

An Easier Way to Link to Pages

in BranchCMS Upgrades
This morning we pushed out a small update that has a big impact to creating navigation items.  In the past you had to either type in or paste in the URL for a link.  This often meant that you needed to have visited the page that you want to link to and copied the URL before creating a new navigation menu so that you would know what to link to.  There were other techniques as well, but to sum it…

Calendar RSS and Atom feeds are now available

in BranchCMS Upgrades
This morning we pushed out a small update to the Calendar app to make some RSS and Atom feeds available. You can have a feed to show recent events or you can use the feed to show recent events by category. In the administration you can click on the Feed tab and see the links to the different feeds. You can also get the API tags to pull the feed links into the <head> section of the page.

Congratulations to PCO Central on becoming our first Plus Partner

in Partner News
I want to give a big shout-out to PCO Central for recently becoming our first partner to become a Plus Partner. Congratulations! PCO Central is a website marketing firm that specializes in the pest control industry.  Their focus on that niche market has lead them to expansive growth as they really understand the unique needs of pest control companies.  Wes Hamel a partner at PCO Central and…
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