BranchCMS Upgrades

Eric Tompkins
Aug 10, 2011

Previewing Pages and Blog Posts Before They are Published

One of the most requested features that we've received lately is being able to preview pages and Blog posts before they are published. We've also been wanting a preview feature for our blog for quite a while.  I'm pleased to announce that those requests have been taken care of.

When previewing a page or blog post you are actually viewing it just like you would on your live site. This means that all of your templates, styles and other site content will show on the preview page. Also, because the preview page doesn't require a log in, you can share the preview URL with your colleagues that don't have access to the administration.

Previewing Pages

If a page is marked as unpublished then a message will appear underneath the save buttons. That message indicates that the page is unpublished and provides a link to preview the page.

Preview unpublished page

You can also preview pages that require a log in. When you preview a password protected page you are not required to log in. Just like a page that isn't published, when editing a password protected page a message will appear under the save buttons. The message indicates that the page is password protected and provides a link to preview the page without having to log in.

Preview password protected page

If you change the published status for a page and then you click the "Save & Continue Editing" button, then the edit screen will reload and show the preview link if necessary.

Previewing Blog Posts

Similar to Pages, you can now preview unpublished Blog posts. If you edit an unpublished post then a message will appear below the save buttons. Like the other messages this one also indicates that the post isn't published and provides a link to preview the post.

Preview blog posts

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