BranchCMS Upgrades

Eric Tompkins
May 2, 2016

New Warning About Leaving Unsaved Changes

We recently pushed out an update that warns you if you are leaving a page without saving your progress. If you were editing something and you made changes to it and before you saved your progress you reloaded the page, went back to a previous page or navigated to a different page, then you will now get a warning about leaving with unsaved changes. 

A lot of modern mouses have either swipe functionality (like the Apple Magic Mouse) to navigate back to a previous page or they have extra buttons that can do that. We have personally felt the frustration of having worked on a bunch of changes to a page only to have it lost because we accidentally swiped too much sideways instead of down on our mouse and went back to a previous page.  It was that frustration that prompted this update.

If you want to leave the page then simply click the button to confirm that you want to leave. It may be a small annoyance, but you shouldn't see that confirmation very much. If you didn't want to leave the page, then you'll be thankful like us for this new feature. You can simply click the button to stay on the page and your changes won't be lost. At that point do a quick save and continue on with your work.

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