BranchCMS Upgrades

Eric Tompkins
Jan 6, 2011

New Attribute to Select a Form to Include on a Page

One of the major features of Aptuitiv Studio is the ability to create custom administration forms for pages and apps to fit the data requirements of a particular website.

For example, if you have a page that needs more structured content then a rich text editor can provide, you can create a Content Block Layout for pages and create the form fields that you need. There are the standard fields like select menus, text boxes, textareas and the like. There are also unique fields that allow you to select from a list of Snippets, Navigation Menus and Collection Widgets to include on the page.

And now, there is a new form field called "Form List" that will let you display a list of forms that could be displayed on a page.  To display the form you would simply put the layout key in the content template.

Form List UI Component

Some use case scenarios for this could be:

  1. You want to allow the website administrators to create new forms and each form will be a similar layout. You could use this field to make it easy for them to include it on a page.
  2. Your client is creating small survey forms (Polls) and they want to easily switch them out on a page
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