BranchCMS Upgrades

Eric Tompkins
Aug 2, 2010

More Blog RSS and Atom Feeds

We recently updated our Blog app to make more RSS and Atom feeds available. Previously you could only get a feed on recent posts. We've quadrupled that and now you can get the following feeds in either RSS or Atom format.

  • Recent Posts
  • Posts by category
  • Posts by tag
  • Comments for a single post

We also give you a lot of control over how the feed is created. As with before you can change things like the number of posts display, the feed author and the feed copyright.  You can now also control the feed title for each feed type, the title for each individual entry and the description for each feed type.  For the feed titles and the entry titles there are certain variables available so you can display the information that you want.

For example, for a post entry you can choose to show the post title, the published date of the post and who the post author was.

Blog Feed Settings

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