BranchCMS Upgrades

Eric Tompkins
Oct 18, 2010

Another Navigation API Parameter

We recently added another API parameter to the Navigation API in Aptuitiv Studio that you might find useful.

Say that you have a navigation menu that shows the primary navigation across the top of the website. The main navigation has drop-down menus so the navigation menu is configured to show all sub navigation. In this example you also need to pull in specific sub navigation into the left sidebar depending on what section of the site the page is in. But for the left navigation you don't want all sub navigation for those sub navigation items to show all the time. There is now a new API parameter where you can turn on or off the setting to show all sub navigation.


An example tag would be: {ap_navigation:menuKey templateId="5" parentId="3" showAllSubNav="false"}

The API page in the Navigation administration section has been updated to reflect this addition.

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