General App

Flexible multi-purpose app

General App

The General App is a flexible multi-purpose app that can be used for a variety of scenarios. It has been used as a product directorycustomer reviews, customer stories, a list of available internships, newsletters, job board and much more.


The General App is $5 USD / month.


The key feature of the General App is its flexibility. You can customize the app to hold the data that you want. For example, if you're using it for customer reviews you may want to set up the attributes for each app item to hold a name, business, comments and rating. Or, if you are using it as a job board then you'll want to setup the item attributes to hold a company name, phone number, email, job details and an application link.

Design & Customization

App Pages

The following page types are available within the General App

Powerful App Search


Allow Customers to Add/Edit Content

You can utilize your community to add content to your website. On BranchCMS Plus or higher, you can have forms on your public website to allow your community to add or edit app items. 

Some example uses could be:

Multiple APIs to display content on other parts of your website

There are multiple APIs that can be used to display app content on other parts of your website. See the API documentation for more information.


Below are some examples of how different websites are using the General App.

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